Woman Finds Stone In Public Park, Then Finds Out It’s A 4-carat Yellow Diamond.

If you’ve always dreamed of leaving everything behind to go in search of gemstones , you’ll be excited about the story of Noreen Wredberg, a lucky American who not only managed to uncover a 4.38-carat diamond, but also could keep it to herself. Mines of this type are not freely accessible to the public. The Crater of Diamonds State Parl in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, on the other hand, is the only site in the world where anyone armed with chisels, torches, and a metal detector can improvise a diamond digger. You did not know it? Hurry and book a flight to find the gem that will change your life!


image credit: The State Parks of Arkansas/Facebook

In the United States, you can find the only site in the world where you can dig on your own for extremely valuable minerals. The Crater of Diamond in Arkansas attracts millions of visitors each year, from the curious to seasoned treasure hunters. This world-famous destination also intrigued Noreen Wredberg, an American living in Granite Bay, California.

The lucky one had decided some time ago to take a long trip with her husband, passing through Hot Springs National Park to get to the famous diamond mine. On September 23, after waking up in one of the many hotels in the area, they set off with the usual curiosity of tourists, not knowing that a magnificent amber diamond was waiting for them that day.


image credit: The State Parks of Arkansas/Facebook

After days of rolling up their sleeves and digging, the two Americans began to lose hope. On the last day, however, during heavy rain (which is usually a good time to look, as the rain helps clean up all the dirt on the ground) and after digging a few inches, they made an incredible discovery: a transparent stone very similar to a precious stone. Enthusiastic, the couple decided to immediately proceed to the park’s diamond discovery center where staff, after careful examination, recognized the stone as a very valuable diamond.


image credit: The State Parks of Arkansas/Facebook

“When I first saw this diamond under a microscope I thought, ‘Wow, what a beautiful shape and color! Ms Wredberg’s stone turned out to be over four carats and the size of a jelly, rounded in shape and dark yellow in color.

Currently, the Wredberg diamond is the largest discovered in the park since last year. The American woman then decided to call her discovery Lucy’s Diamond, named after her husband’s cat. It is not yet known what she will do with the gemstone. But one thing is certain: she will never forget this lucky trip!

source used: nbcnews

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