Woman Connects Camera To Bird Feeder And Captures 20 Stunning Images

The beauty of birds is unique. Their vivid colors make them one of the animals most admired by people.

When Lisa moved from Germany to Michigan, she noticed that a large number of bird species were flying in her garden which were incredibly beautiful. Given this, he decided to connect a camera to his bird feeder to capture its beauty in images.

“There was a lot of color and diversity, different from what I was used to in city life. I wanted to share them with my family in Germany, so I started feeding birds and taking photos of them. “ – Lisa commented.

Here we share some of the photos that Lisa managed to capture.

#01. “I like to see the beauty of the bird’s anatomy, the delicate patterns, the feathers, the colors and, of course, their antics.”

#02. Beautiful male northern cardinal.

#03. Although it looks scary, this Grackle is very beautiful.

#04. This is what a mourning dove looks like.

#05. A Blue Jay shedding its plumage.

#06. Meet the American Goldfinch.

#07. Conversation between two eastern blue birds.

#08. Another very curious Blue Jay.

#09. This little guy is a Tufted Unemployment.

#10. Do you know this bird? it’s a Chickadee.

#11. This European Starling is super stylish.

#12. Woodpecker combining its head with its belly.

#13. This pigeon decided to take a little nap.

#14. I think this European Starling did not think that they took photos.

#15. Spread wings of an American goldfinch.

#16. Beautiful plumage of this European Starling.

#17. An American Robin staring at the camera.

#18. Tender Eastern Bluebird.

#19. Beautiful plumage pattern of this Blue Jay.

#20. And this beautiful hummingbird could not be missing.

What was your favorite bird? Share your opinion in the comments and don’t forget to send this article to your family and friends.

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