Winery Seeks Wine Drinker: Salary Is $ 10,000 Per Month.

We say “do the job you love and you won’t work for a single day”: yes, because waking up to do something you love means starting the day with enthusiasm. And imagine that the job of your dreams also pays well, if not very well. Seems like an impossible prospect, doesn’t it? Difficult, but not impossible: An American winery called Murphy-Goode Winery has announced that it has a vacancy: they are looking for someone willing to taste wine and take care of the vineyards owned by the company. The accommodation is paid and the salary is about $ 10 000 per month .


image credit: Jaime Casap Unsplash

If you love wine, this is definitely the job of your dreams. The lucky winner will have to move to sunny California, Sonoma County, for a year, but will not have to pay rent there. But what will the worker have to do other than sip wine? During the first few months of work, the tasks are different, in order to allow the new employee to learn more things and to understand which aspects of the winemaking process interest him the most. After this first period, useful for acclimatizing, the employee will work alongside other workers on different tasks: he will learn what it means to work in a vineyard, take care of the cellar and manage e-commerce.


image credit: Jeff Siepman Unsplash

But who is the ideal candidate for this position? The family-owned winery, founded in 1985, is looking for someone who ” takes life one sip at a time “. She created this attractive position because she needs to take on new challenges. The research concerns wine lovers, over the age of 21and licensed to work in the United States. No special skills are required: the company asks interested people to make a video presentation, explaining why they are interested in this role. Creativity, passion, and a minimum of experience in the sector are appreciated. And the salary? As mentioned earlier, it’s $ 10,000 per month. As if the offer was not tempting enough, the accommodation is fully taken care of by the company, which also offers the new employee thirty cases of Murphy-Goode wine , made up of Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Sauvignon. Whoever the happy new employee is, we invite you to drink responsibly.

source used: cnn

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