What If Cartoon Animals Were Human? An Artist Transforms Famous Characters From Our Childhood.

When we were children, we were all enchanted by the Disney characters and we were immersed in their world of princesses, heroes and tender-hearted and selfless animals. You may have already looked at an animal and wondered, “What would it look like if it were human?” One artist – Shannon Lee – set to work to transform the imagination of many into something concrete, through a process of humanization: animals have become human characters. The new characters bear an incredible resemblance to their animal version: the shape of the eyes, the features of the nose, the bizarre expressions. We have selected some of his best works: who is your favorite character?

#1. Some scenes from the “Lion King”.

image credit: shannontuscanylee/Instagram

Shannon loves to draw and enjoys sharing her passion and her work on Instagram, where she enchants thousands of people with her illustrations. From “Lion King” to “Ariel” through “Aladdin”, the young artist manages to keep the distinctive features of each character.

#2. From “Beauty and the Tramp”.

image credit: shannontuscanylee/Instagram

Shannon says she’s been drawing since she was one year old, when she saw her mother paint, and since then she’s been picking up brushes and trying her hand at painting.

#3. Impossible to forget the Aristocats.

image credit: shannontuscanylee/Instagram

Her parents and friends have always encouraged her: they always believed in her and knew that one day her passion would become a profession.

#4. Stitch’s Girlfriend.

image credit: shannontuscanylee/Instagram

As a teenager, she started taking art lessons, but she didn’t believe in herself enough, so she started working in other fields.

#5. If Timon, from The Lion King, was a human figure.

image credit: shannontuscanylee/Instagram

But then she started sharing her work on social media: her TikTok and Instagram profiles grew and it was there that she saw the opportunity to turn her art into work.

#6. And Pumba? She couldn’t have transposed it better.

image credit: shannontuscanylee/Instagram

Shannon loves to transform characters: it’s a challenge to take an animal character and translate it into shapes, colors and stylistic choices that make it human.

#7. Bambi: a sweet little kid with freckles.

image credit: shannontuscanylee/Instagram

Shannon never stops learning and updating: she practices, makes mistakes, follows the advice of her followers and progresses.

#8. And also Sébastien, one of Ariel’s most beloved characters.

image credit: shannontuscanylee/Instagram

As for the finished works, we leave it to you to judge them.

#9. A beautiful reproduction of Rajah.

image credit: shannontuscanylee/Instagram

Could you recognize the “animal alter ego” of each human character?

source used: shannontuscanylee/Instagram

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