When Nature Comes To Life, 20 Examples Of Vegetables And Fruits With Bizarre And Almost Human Shapes.

It is a well-known fact that nature always knows how to surprise us in the most incredible way possible. It often happens that we find ourselves in front of unexpected shows, all characterized by the fact that they are there, available, without filters, and without the help of special effects.

However, besides the wonders of the environment and special phenomena, nature is able to amaze us even with its simplest elements. Take for example fruits and vegetables. We eat it every day, but it’s not uncommon for a humorous and unexpected vein to be present in a tomato, carrot, or strawberry. The fruits and vegetables that we are going to present to you, with their unique and curious shapes, are true champions of irony: some seem to smile, others to cry, others still look like strange creatures. Of course, everything can be explained by the phenomenon of pareidolia, but we must admit that these natural products deserve a price of originality.

#1. Very impressive, isn’t it?

image credit: thehappygardeninglife/Instagram

#2. A nice round of legs!

This asparagus is truly a polished and obliging vegetable!

#3. Ok, aubergine !

image credit: reddit

The shape of this eggplant is really amazing, isn’t it? Put next to this hand, it is practically identical!

#4. Carrot or something else?

What strange creature does this carrot remind you of? She seems to have a beak, doesn’t she?

#5. A tomato from a horror movie

image credit: uglyfruitandveg/Instagram

Look at the “expression” of this tomato: between funny and disturbing!

#6. A kiwi fruit really … full of love!

image credit: uglyfruitandveg/Instagram

#7. What’s wrong, the onion?

This onion seems to be really worried about something … maybe because it was cut in half?

#8. Over there, towards the fridge: the word of the carrot!

Looks like she is pointing at something, doesn’t it?

#9. A kiwi which, when opened, looks like a butterfly!

#10. The Laughing Pomegranate

Who knows what amused this grenade so much. We don’t know, but the resemblance to a laughing face, with the teeth sticking out, is obvious!

#11. A tomato that we would prefer not to see in the dark ….

She is really scary with this pose and with this expression!

#12. A strawberry … marine?

With this form, she looks like a creature from the abyss!

#13.This strawberry too, with a little imagination, can look like something else. What do you see there?

#14. The Crying Pepper

A rather heartbreaking scene: maybe he didn’t want to be cut in half …

#15. A beautiful “strip” of carrots, each with its own pose!

image credit: thehappygardeninglife/Instagram

#16. Nice to meet you, I’m a carrot!

Here, nature has really surpassed itself: it seems that this carrot has taken a pose of “rapper”.

#17. When the classroom is … a vegetable

This daikon (Raphanus sativus), or white radish, an Asian variety of radish, really has an innate class: look how it sat!

#18. A rather threatening cucumber

image credit: simonegee26/Instagram

He really seems to be looking at us with an expression that sits between threat and disbelief …

#19. So many questions in one cucumber

The gentleman in the photo is probably wondering how he could have found such a … questioning vegetable.

#20. Watch how this pumpkin grew – amazing to say the least!

We are sure that after seeing these pictures you will not look at fruits and vegetables the same way again, right?

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