Unexpected Greatness: 15 Incredible Photos Show Us Animals At Their True Size.

The perception of the size of objects, animals, or people does not always coincide with reality: we speak of perception because it is determined by the context from which we observe and by the environment in which this object or animal is inserted. Think about the size of a bear, a plane, a shark: we imagine them big, but “big” compared to what? By a simple stretch of the imagination, we can hardly guess their actual size, especially when it comes to things or animals that we have never seen in real life. Sizes are relative: they are relative to other larger or smaller things. We have selected 15 images that will help you understand the real and unexpected size of some animals: did you know that a moose can be bigger than a car, that there are giant tortoises and snails, and some dogs – trained on their hind legs – can exceed two meters?

#1. The size of a moose.

image credit: afriendliuncle/imgur

Look, in comparison, how small the car looks.

#2. A southern elephant seal.

image credit: 970souk/reddit

The man is really tiny in comparison.

#3. See how big the lion’s head is.

image credit: lionwhispersa/instagram

#4. Two turtles, of different species.

image credit: antisocialblogger/reddit

#5. A bear paw.

image credit: dustyfrown/reddit

#6. The master appears to be intimidated.

image credit: Scottpuppy/reddit

#7. He behaves like a little one.

image credit: reddit

And he drinks milk from a bottle, but he doesn’t seem to realize he’s a pretty big size to say the least.

#8. A giant sea turtle.

image credit: WulfsigeX/reddit

#9. An Alaskan Malamute with his puppy.

image credit: lifewithmalamutes/imgur

#10. The impressive growth of a snail.

image credit: mossydeerbones/reddit

In less than a year, its shell grew to an impressive 13 centimeters.

#11. Almost looks like a bear, but it’s not.

image credit: Quana Cumbersnatch/reddit

He used to be a puppy and you could easily hold him in your arms: in a short time the situation has changed radically, and now this dog has taken on extraordinary dimensions: he is definitely bigger than his master.

#12. African land snail, giant.

image credit: sverdrupian / reddit

We’re not used to seeing snails this big, but some species even reach this size.

#13. The paw of a polar bear.

image credit: chiefflerpynerps / reddit

Compared to the size of human hands: very impressive.

#14. Don’t piss off this dog.

image credit: RosenpufTrashDog/reddit

#15. The size of a wolf and the size of a coyote.

image credit: DodderingCommandat97/imgur

Would you have expected some animals to be this size? Tell us in the comments which photo surprised you the most!

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