These Special Ultra Strong Nets Are Able To Block The Waste Before It Reaches The Sea

Pollution of the planet’s aquatic resources is a current problem, which is now impossible to underestimate. The waste that ends up in seas, rivers, and lakes every day is increasingly threatening and destroying the fragile balance of ecosystems around us.

Beyond exaggeration or easy alarmism, it is a problem that affects everyone, for which each of us can make a contribution. That’s why innovative ideas from people and companies trying to make the situation better are always laudable and interesting, just like the one we’re about to tell you about. What is it about? A super-powerful net capable of collecting trash before it reaches the sea.


image credit: TecnoConverting Engineering

It’s called Tecno-Grabber and is more than just a “net”. In fact, it is a waste containment system that prevents waste from reaching seawater before it is too late and inexorably dispersing there. Thanks to an ultra-resistant plastic material , these woven nets can each support more than 100 kg of weight, thus absorbing a large amount of waste without breaking.


image credit: TecnoConverting Engineering

The diameters of the Tecno-Grabber are variable and the nets can be easily installed and reused multiple times. The company that produces them, TecnoConverting Engineering, is able to customize the diameter and length of these threads according to the installation needs, making them ideal solutions for anyone who wants to protect the environment of the impact that our waste has on him day after day. In short: technology and ingenuity at the service of the environment, for solutions that should become in common use. 

via: TecnoConverting Engineering

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