Twenty-year-old Twins Pay Off Parents’ Loan With Money They Earn From Developing Video Games.

The future is online: we have no doubts. Thanks to the internet, we are now doing jobs that did not exist before. The Internet not only offers employment opportunities, but also high-income opportunities. The video game industry, in particular, is incredibly profitable: many users sign up for platforms, even paid ones, to play alone or with friends. It’s unclear what the ambitions of 20-year-old twins Ben and Matthew Horton were. What we do know is that by developing video games, they were able to make their parents’ dream come true.


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Ben and Matthew were only 13 when they created their first online video game, initially marketed for free. However, after a short time, it became chargeable: in order to use certain features, players had to pay. Initially, the required contribution was £ 5, and even then they started earning their first income. Several years have passed since that day and the twins have since studied and learned different techniques, becoming professionals in this field. The twins left school at the age of 16 because they had other, more ambitious plans to which they wanted to devote all of their time. They knew or perhaps hoped, that the project would pay off.


image credit: oblivious/Youtube

A few months later, Matthew made an adventure film called The Last Guest, on the basis of which his brother Ben developed the hit video game Guest World, which made the boys £ 67,000 in the first year alone. The two certainly haven’t stopped and had at least twenty other games to their name. Ben and Matthew turned their passion into a lucrative business. Over the years, they’ve made so much money that they’ve been able to pay off their parents’ mortgage. Their parents were speechless at what their children had created: after seeing the first £ 600 in profit, they were in doubt. On the other hand, their children have found their way: they have managed to earn money doing what they love.. Thanks to their high earnings, they decided to thank their parents by repaying the mortgage that they had taken out years ago. Today, their previously skeptical parents could not be more proud.

source used: walesonline

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