Man Creates Machine That Gives Food To Magpies In Exchange For Waste. He Trains Birds For Recycling

The animals that inhabit the planet with us are often able to surprise us and give us satisfaction in the most incredible way possible. Think, for example, of all the times our dogs or cats learn something that we teach them or react in an almost “human” way to interactions with us. At times like these, it almost seems like all they need is the word to be like us, and these faculties are certainly not just for pets.

Hans Forsberg knows it well, a man who, in his garden, shelters a family of wild magpies who stop there from time to time to shelter and cool off. As an expert in robotics and artificial intelligence, Hans decided to use his skills to do something brilliant and curious at the same time, training birds for a noble purpose .


image credit: Hans Forsberg/Youtube

Bottle caps in exchange for food: this is how Forsberg’s idea could be summed up. This man, in the name of recycling, environmental protection, and urban decorum, decided to turn the magpies into real “garbage collectors”, rewarding them with a special machine that he built with his own hands. Magpies are notoriously very intelligent birds: strong curiosity had led the birds near Hans’ house to play with lanterns in his yard, and that’s when the man came up with the idea.

As the birds seemed particularly eager to snoop around and “steal” objects at their leisure, Hans decided to build a machine that had never been thought of before. What is it about ? A real feed dispenser , which works whenever waste – bottle caps in this case – is placed in a specific container.


image credit: Hans Forsberg/Youtube

Every time the magpies drop a bottle cap into a hole Hans made specially, his special dispenser releases a piece or two of food as a “gift” . Well-deserved “prizes” arrive through a tube and funnel, which are connected to the base by a container that the birds can draw from.


image credit: Hans Forsberg/Youtube

Thanks to Forsberg’s technological expertise, a complex system of electronic components, detectors, camera, motors and graphical interface constantly monitors what is happening around his bird feeder and at the same time helps the environment. . Environmental pollution and urban decorum is a problem present in many parts of the world: helping in this way is undoubtedly useful, curious and intelligent.

Thus, the birds trained by Hans could be the first magpies to recycle waste , and man said he was extremely confident in the possibility of teaching birds to collect other types of waste in the future, cigarette butts among others.


image credit: Hans Forsberg/Youtube

The birds, especially the younger ones, show a great interest in the curious activity they are doing, which motivates Forsberg to continue. It only remains to congratulate this man for his ingenious idea, and of course also his environmentally conscious magpies!

source used: Hans Forsberg

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