A Tourist Leaves His Car In Front Of A Field Barrier. The Farmer Takes Revenge By Fencing It.

When you park, you have to be very careful: you know it, or you learn it with experience. Even when we think we have put our car in a quiet place without disturbing anyone, as in the case of the motorist we are about to tell you about.

The owner of a BMW parked in the countryside, near a farm, surely never would have thought that his car left there could give rise to very special revenge. Another person, in fact, did not appreciate the gesture at all and decided to teach the driver a lesson, leaving us a story that quickly made the rounds on the web.


We are in central Wales, an area known the world over for its natural beauty, endless green landscapes that make you want to explore them in all their glory. However, this part of the UK is not only made up of tourist attractions but also of farms and the people who work the land and raise livestock on a daily basis. One of them, unable to enter her property because of a car parked where it shouldn’t be, decided to “make her voice heard” in a very special way.

A clear landscape, a lot of space, but also a gate: this is precisely what the driver of the BMW did not notice – or ignored – when he left his car in front of the access to agricultural land, thus blocking the way for people who had to go there to work.

When the local farmer noticed the situation, he went into a rage and decided to build a makeshift fence around the car.


image credit: Emily Durrant/Twitter

Armed – so to speak – with metal barriers, the farmer secured them to each other around the BMW, blocking it where it was parked. As if to say: “I can not enter my land? So I will not let you go!”.

The incident, which took an ironic and fun twist – as the fence was pulled down soon after – received wide media coverage because of the message it conveyed. Emily Durrant, a local political representative, reminded tourists of the need to respect workplaces“It’s wonderful to welcome you to our corner of paradise,” she said, “but be respectful and don’t park in front of farm gates.”

Ironic revenge but with an important meaning, therefore. In many regions, in fact, coexistence between tourists and locals is not always easy, and these relations must necessarily be based on mutual respect. What do you think? Appropriate or a little “exaggerated” reaction?

Source used:
Emily Durrant/Twitter

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