16 Too Clueless People Who Will Make You Say What Were They Thinking

Focusing on something can be difficult for some.

The ability to be in more than one place is not for everyone. How many times have we gotten angry for not finding an object and later discovering that we have it in our hand? It is more common than you think.

However, the list you are about to see is full of people who definitely had their heads elsewhere. Who can leave a camera in the fridge? If you don’t believe us, keep on swiping to have fun with the images of these clueless:

#1. I woke up asleep and did not realize that the glass was upside down.

#2. This girl didn’t realize she still had the gas pump on.

#3. You see what you see in the slot are my car keys, they got stuck.

#4. His iphone is hanging, what a pain.

#5. The pizza parlor sent me the uncooked pizza.

#6. My wife bought a door that was not the size.

#7. I thought you bought a different size bed.

#8. The owner of a Tesla lost his key in the park.

#9. I forgot the keyboard in my car and the heat melted everything.

#10. This person fell asleep in the sun without putting on sunscreen.

#11. “I forgot to close my car window at night and found this inside the next morning.”

#12. “My sisters tried to make a cake, but they forgot to add sugar.”

#13. “I forgot my computer on top of the car and that’s how I drove, when I heard the blow I couldn’t help but feel bad.”

#14. “Remember to close the door before using an automated parking system.”

#15. “I left an air horn on the dash of my car on a sunny day.”

#16. “I don’t know how, but I was able to put Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in the washing machine with my clothes. Now, everything is covered in paper and I lost a good book! “

#17. “I forgot to put in the strainer.”

#18. “My father got distracted and forgot to put the comb back in the razor when cutting my hair.”

#19. “I carelessly combed my hair while it was slightly damp and then forgot. Now, I have a knot the size of a ping pong ball, and it is impossible to brush it ”.

#20. “I tried to show how the water immersion works and forgot to put the gloves on.”

#21. “I’ll be sure to double check the cap before shaking the oil bottle next time.”

#22. “I made a little mistake in trimming the bushes in the yard and realized until my mower stopped working.”

#23. “When you searched everywhere and then BAM!”

Have you been through something similar? Leave us your anecdotes in the comments. Share this gallery with your distracted friend, to see if he does not forget to answer you.

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