Three Siblings Capture The Exact Moment Lightning Strikes Them Under A Tree.

We all know that in a thunderstorm accompanied by lightning, it is best never to take shelter under trees . Although it may sound natural, the risks involved are very high and can lead to serious consequences.

A “lesson” that the three brothers and sisters we are going to tell you about have learned to perfection. Their story traveled around the world after, by a lucky coincidence, they managed to escape lightning that struck the tree they were taking a selfie under. What’s even more incredible is that they managed to capture the exact moment of impact, sharing an impressive snap, to say the least.


This happened in Molesey Lock , a suburb of the English capital, which was hit by heavy rain on Monday July 12, 2021. Siblings Isobel, Rachel and Andrew Jobson went out for a bike ride and were surprised by very heavy rain.

They waited under the tree for the worst to happen but didn’t know the worst was yet to come: as they took pictures of each other, lightning fell right above them. They waited under a tree for the worst to happen but didn’t know the worst was yet to come. This image shows the exact moment nature showed itself in all its might, with a blinding flash that knocked the three people to the ground, stunned and injured but thankfully alive.


image credit: Bo Insogna/Flickr – Not the actual photo

“Suddenly I found myself on the ground and I couldn’t hear anything except a high-pitched whine,” says Rachel. “My right arm had become numb and I couldn’t move it.”

The three siblings were immediately rescued by people passing by and who witnessed the scene. Taken to hospital, they luckily came out with a few minor burns and were able to leave the hospital soon after, as they did not have serious injuries.


image credit: Tooting Newsie/Twitter

According to experts, it’s best to take shelter indoors if you find yourself outside during a thunderstorm with lightning. And if that is not possible, it is best to try to stay as far as possible from tall, pointed objects or places that attract electric shocks. The three Jobson siblings know this better than anyone, and although they experienced a memorable fright, they gave us a video that is as impressive as it is clear about the power of the natural elements around us.

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