This Woman Shared Photos From Her 72nd Birthday, But She Looks Barely 40.

Everyone, more or less, is afraid of getting old. It is no coincidence that the market is full of products aimed at delaying this inevitable but natural process. Miracles don’t exist, and while many claim surgery is the only solution, some people know how to keep themselves young. Vera Wang is one of those people: the famous Chinese American fashion designer recently celebrated her 72nd birthday. She shared photos from her party, and no one could guess her age: she is barely 40 years old.


Is there a secret to this ” eternal youth “? When we think of a woman in her seventies, we imagine her with gray hair, wrinkles on her forehead, the weight of age being felt, her back tending to curl, and loose clothing trying to hide what is. too often seen as flaws. In the photos released by Vera Wang, there is no trace of any of this: the woman showed up to her party in a colorful long dress and long raven black hair. The incredibly smooth skin still resembles that of a young woman. The woman gave some advice: There is no secret to staying young, but there are actions which, if taken regularly, can lead to long-term results.


It may sound counterintuitive, but her first tip for staying in shape is not to obsess over time, the idea of ​​getting old and staying in shape. According to the woman, you have to take care of your body, even when aging is a distant prospect. Negativity also affects our appearance. But, to move on to more practical advice, Ms. Vera recommends getting enough rest and not being in the sun for too long, especially without protection. In fact, in Asian culture, it is common to apply a little sunscreen to your face, even when you are not in direct sunlight.


But that’s not all: what is surprising is that this woman does not like to exercise and, although it is a fundamental practice to stay healthy, she does not include it in his daily routine. We don’t know if her appearance is due to her daily tricks or if it is due to her enviable genetics. What is certain, however, is that the photos published by the famous stylist did not leave the canvas indifferent!

source used: Vera Wang / Instagram

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