This Tiny Insect-shaped Robot Turns The Barren Wasteland Into A Green Garden.

His name is ” A’seedbot ” and he’s a very special robot: he knows where the best, and wettest, place to plant a seed is. It is incredible support for farmers who work in the particularly difficult and arid terrain. It is 20 centimeters long and has a navigation system that allows it to move around independently. It is recharged by the sun since it is equipped with solar panels, but it operates at night in search of the most fertile parts of the earth.

Its inventor, who came from the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation, allows us to dream of a different future for the vast expanses of the desert on our planet.


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Not everyone knows that deserts keep spreading all over the world: every year, an area of ​​about 6 million hectares undergoes the process of desertification. There are many reasons for this, but they can all be attributed to human actions. Inadequate agricultural techniques, intensive agriculture, and deforestation have led to a modification of the plant landscape. Deserts have increased and green areas have shrunk dramatically, and the problem – year after year – has become more and more evident. 


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In this context, the final project of designer Mazyar Etihad from the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation is of extraordinary interest. Aware of the situation and eager to make a difference, Mazyar designed this tiny robot in the shape of an insect. The robot is about 20 centimeters tall and its objective is to transform the uninhabitable sandy terrain of the desert into a green landscape. Equipped with solar panels on its back, the robot – similar to a baby seal – recharges during the day and roams the territory at night.

When it identifies fertile areas, it signals them and plants seeds based on data received from its sensors and navigation system.


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The small legs of the propeller robot crawl through the sand in search of the right level of humidity to plant the seeds.

In addition to the soil moisture sensor, the robot is equipped with a distance sensor and sends reports to the owner in order to provide him with all the statistical data to monitor the chosen area. According to its inventor, this project is aimed at different audiences, from government agencies to farmers who have to deal with all the problems of farming in areas far from irrigation sources.

An invention that propels us into a greener world and that can overcome the period of global warming in which we all live.

source used: ecoinventos

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