This Surfer Has Immortalized The Strange Phenomenon Of Moving Waves That Freeze At -11 Degrees.

The record-breaking frost wave that hit the east coast of the United States and Canada between December 2019 and January 2020 brought the mercury column back to temperatures of around -40 degrees Celsius. An awe-inspiring weather event that not only created a lot of inconvenience and urgency among the people of North America but also brought to light the spectacular creations of Nature. Jonathan Nimerfroh , surfer and photographer from Massachusetts, knows all about it.


A lover of nature and waves, Jonathan immortalized the strange phenomenon of frozen waves on the coast of Nantucket Island in Massachusetts , on the east coast of the United States, just south of the city of Boston. Jonathan was not discouraged by the polar cold and decided to ride these frozen waves, stating that “you can surf even when they are perfectly frozen, because despite the very low temperature, they are still moving waves” .


With a maximum temperature of -11 degrees Celsius on Nantucket Island, Jonathan let himself be captivated by the typical winter beauty of these moving waves, both photographing them and riding them with his inseparable board.


An extreme weather phenomenon that had already occurred on the island of Massachusetts during the winter of 2015, but which, each time, creates a truly unique icy magic!

source used: Jonathan Nimerfroh/Instagram

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