This Super Aerodynamic Boat Can Fly On Water At 100 Km / H.

Flying over water at 100 kilometers per hour: do you have any idea what that could be? If this seems unreal, almost impossible to you, know that soon it may not be the case. The reason is the vehicle presented by the French startup A2V, a super-futuristic vehicle that it would be reductive to define as a “boat”.

It is called ” Lili ” and it is a true concentrate of technology, based above all on a fundamental concept: aerodynamics. This hi-tech boat has been designed to cut through the air very efficiently, allowing it to reach record speeds while saving fuel.


image credit: A2V – Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels/Facebook

A2V (Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels) is a Nantes-based company specializing in the design of boats that make the best use of the air to move agile and as quickly as possible. The basic idea is this: use the air as efficiently as possible to “lighten” the weight, go faster, and consume less fuel.


image credit: A2V – Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels/Facebook

This is why the “Lili”, with its futuristic design, has an impressive aerodynamic lift, thanks to which it can fly over the water at around 100 km / h, while consuming two or three times less than a traditional boat, the all for the sake of less pollution.


image credit: A2V – Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels/Facebook

But the “Lili” isn’t all about speed and performance. There is an atmosphere of luxury inside, with leather details that reflect the futuristic lines of the exterior.


image credit: A2V – Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels/Facebook

About 10 meters long and made of plastic and fiberglass, this incredible boat is a real lightning bolt on the water. It is its ability not to “sink” in liquid that allows it to consume less fuel, while its particular shape is designed specifically to prevent it from tipping over.


image credit: A2V – Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels/Facebook

Of course, as is often the case with machines of this type, technology and performance come at a cost: this machine is worth around 1.2 million euros. Despite this, there is no shortage of luxury tourism companies and businesses that have already purchased it in various parts of the world. The applications to which it lends itself are numerous, from boat taxis to coastal surveillance.

Who knows if, sooner or later, we will not see it flying before our eyes above the water!

Source used:

 Centrale Nantes

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