This Street Artist Has Created A Series Of Murals With A Surprising Three-dimensional Effect.

When we walk down the street, we are all surrounded by art even if we don’t realize it; among these types of “urban” art, we find the unmissable street art, more and more considered for its true value. This Portuguese artist, Sergio Odeith, has made graffiti not only an extraordinary three-dimensional art but also a lucrative profession in great demand by many multinationals, such as Coca-Cola and Samsung.



Sergio has been passionate about the art of murals and graffiti since the 1990s, when, out of passion and pleasure, he “daubed” the walls of the Lisbon suburbs , honing his skill and talent through the use of games of art. ‘shadows and colors, being able to reproduce the viewer’s perspective on seemingly smooth walls.



The result is a remarkable series of murals that almost seem to stick out of the walls for their extraordinary three-dimensional effect . It’s no coincidence that Sergio Odeith is now in high demand around the world!

Take a look at his creative talent too:






Congratulations to this extraordinary street artist who literally left us speechless!

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