This single guy raised 30 children and adopted five more; here’s how they all live now

“They had them in four different homes, four different cities … They deserve to be raised as siblings, and that was my fight.” What an incredible story!

Foster parents play a crucial role in transforming a child’s life. They demonstrate compassion, care, and a willingness to provide a safe and loving environment for minors who require support and affection.

Lamont Thomas, a resident of Buffalo, New York, has spent the past two decades dedicated to fostering children. During an interview with Good Morning America, he shared about the moment he took in his first child, stating, “Initially, I was assisting friends who had lost their child to the system. After becoming certified as a foster parent, I continued on this path without looking back.”

Lamont has provided care for over 30 children, five of whom he has legally adopted. Along with his two biological children, Anthony and LaMonica, he now has a total of seven children.

Lamont’s first adopted child is Michael Thomas, who is currently 27 years old and fondly remembers the moment he officially became a part of the family.

“He was my third foster home and it ended up being my forever home,” Michael said. “He [knew] my biological parents.”

“Lamont never turned [a child] away,” Michael added. “They either aged out or went back home to their own families.”

Lamont thought he was finished adopting after taking care of seven kids by himself, but then he found a really unique situation that made him reconsider.

Lamont felt really sad when he found out that Zendaya, Jamel, Nakia, Major, and Michaela, who were siblings aged 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, had to go to different foster homes. It broke his heart to know that they were separated and living in different cities.

Unfortunately, that meant they wouldn’t grow up together.

Lamont came in and made sure the siblings could stay together. He became a foster parent again and adopted all of them so they could grow up as a family.

Some of his grown-up children had already left home and started their own families, so Lamont felt confident in his choice to focus all his attention on the newest member of the family.

“I tried so hard not to cry,” he explained about the day he was officially adopted by Judge Lisa Rodwin. “I still get emotional thinking about it every day. It was a long journey to get here, but it was worth it.”

The awesome single dad was now the father of 12 children. He understood that it wouldn’t be a walk in the park, but he was determined to make it work.

“They bring new energy to me,” Lamont shared. “They’re lovable kids, very affectionate. They deserve to be raised as siblings, and that was my fight.”

Everyone who knows Lamont thinks he’s the most amazing person ever. He has had a big influence on all the kids in his family, and now he’s doing the same for their children too.

“It’s amazing he’s taking on all of them,” LaMonica told the morning show. “He does anything for everybody. He’s a really a great man.”

Michael mentioned that Lamont believed fostering was his purpose, and he would always welcome anyone who needed a parent’s love.

We’re all adults now. It’s crazy that he’s starting from the beginning,” Michael said. “Lamont has really helped me out. I wouldn’t be who I am today if Lamont hadn’t come into my life.”

Lamont didn’t want anything back, he just wants his story to encourage others to join the fostering system because more foster families are needed all the time.

“I wanted to make a difference by being a difference,” he shared. “And I love what I do.”

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