This Photographer Takes Wonderful Photos Of Praying Mantises Of All Shapes And Colors.

Although less spectacular than ecosystems such as savannah or ice, the microscopic world knows how to offer marvelous and fascinating scenes to those who know how to observe them attentively. And photographer  Pang Way certainly falls into that category.

The lens of his camera is always aimed at the tiny creatures that inhabit Nature, with particular attention to those with the most curious shapes and colors, such as praying mantises. Especially when they get into a defensive position, these predators adopt positions that are both funny and fascinating: they look like masked men who hold their arms raised and their gaze fixed on us.

Below is a selection of some of the most beautiful mantis immortalized by photographer Pang Way.


Mantises are carnivorous, that is, they feed by hunting other insects. When they are at rest, the paws are joined in front of the body: a position which recalls prayer and which gave rise to the name of “praying mantis”.



The mantis’ strategy can be likened to that of the chameleon: both move slowly and camouflage themselves with the environment , relying on the effect of surprise to capture the prey. For this, mantises have evolved to take all shapes and colors.



Clear, dark, green, brown, covered in bark-like streaks or adorned with floral designs: mantises can be so varied in appearance that it is difficult for a photographer not to fall in love with them. Then being rather “static” insects, they are the perfect subjects to create professional shots.


Some of them reproduce very large eyes on their wings: these can be used to confuse the prey but especially to scare off any predators . Although they are hunters, mantises can be captured by other insects but especially by birds.


Even those who are not really insect lovers can only recognize that these praying mantises are a natural wonder.



By browsing the Pang Way Instagram page ( ), one can immerse oneself in an unexpected world: beetles, spiders and dozens of other insects caught in the most funny or the most spectacular. 

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