This Photographer Plays With Perspective To Create Fun And Imaginative Shots.

What does it mean to be original? Among the different facets of the term, one should certainly include the ability to find something unusual in the simplest of situations. It’s not easy, it’s true, but there are people, like the Portuguese photographer who we are going to introduce to you, who seem to have a clear propensity for it.

Playing in his own way with perspective, Hugo Suissas manages to create scenes that could be described as singular. You know the funny shots that a lot of people like to take when they’re in specific places, like the ones trying to “hold” the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Well, Suissas took that as a starting point to create some funny pictures. There really is something for everyone, are you ready to discover them?

#1. A bridge held simply by two fingers!

Have you ever tried to make a fun photo by playing with perspective? If so, we’re sure you’ll love the Hugo Suissas footage. Everything is transformed by his imagination: classic landscapes, simple places and everyday objects .

#2. A simple slide or something more? Ask this brilliant photographer!

image credit: suissas/Instagram

#3. The Belém Tower in Lisbon becomes a unique sand castle.

His photographic “stories” manage to immediately enter our minds, leaving a funny and imaginative trail.

#4. All is not as it seems: a little imagination is enough to transform it, and this photo proves it!

#5. Simple objects for creative photos!

image credit: suissas/Instagram

Originally from Lisbon , this young photographer clearly took pleasure in creating his photos with a unique perspective, first in the Portuguese capital.

#6. Two simple highlighters that fit perfectly between these buildings!

image: suissas/Instagram

#7. Cyclist by chance

image credit: suissas/Instagram

Thus, the famous tower of Belém becomes the tower of a sand castle, or the arch of the Praca do Comercio the keyhole … Hugo only needs simple objects and the right angle to fool us. the most amazing way ever!

#8. A “stripe” in the blue sky crossed by the planes …

image credit: suissas/Instagram

#9. A spectacular giant eye with a contact lens!

Thanks to his photographic skills, he interacts with the places that surround him, with monuments and natural elements, transformed with immense talent and great creativity .

#10. Even trees have feet …

For Suissas, it’s as if every corner of Lisbon – and the whole world – is the perfect opportunity to play and take unusual photos. Knowing how to grasp the “hidden” details is often enough to create small masterpieces, and these images prove it!

#11. A rather unusual head, it must be admitted!

image credit: suissas/Instagram

It is no coincidence that Hugo is very popular on his social networks, on which he continues to offer his new works.

#12. She also needs it when it’s hot …

image credit: suissas/Instagram

#13. Arc or bulb?

“Art and ideas are capable of generating miracles,” he said, ” creativity is something magical, and it can help us overcome the greatest challenges.”

#14. A simple round window that suits him perfectly

image credit: suissas/Instagram

#15. “How are you, I am your reflection”

What do you think of his photos? Really original, don’t you think?

source used: suissas/Instagram

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