This Photographer Creates Spectacular Aquatic Sculptures That Seem To Come To Life In His Hands.

Today’s technology allows us to engage in all kinds of activities in all fields. With the right idea and a good dose of creativity and imagination, you can create truly unique works. Photographer Kyle Re Creative  knows all about this and has come up with a really evocative idea for some of his images.

What makes her so special? Simple and at the same time ingenious: it transforms simple splashes of water into crystalline sculptures , with recognizable and fascinating shapes. Everything “comes to life” in the hands of a model who, thanks to the imagination of this young artist, becomes a sort of magician capable of showing us the impossible. Ready to discover its spectacular aquatic forms?


image credit: Kyle Re Creative

Kyle is a professional photographer specializing in wedding and ceremony photography. These photos, in short, which must perfectly capture the most memorable moments of people. But this young artist is also a fan of photo editing .


image credit: Kyle Re Creative

Thanks to digital retouching , he came up with the idea of ​​making something simple and almost obvious like water “come alive”. With the help of a mannequin, he immortalizes the splashes in his hands and manages to transform them into something astonishing , and above all decipherable.


Human faces, horses, geometric and sculptural shapes, hands and everything his imagination suggests to him. Kyle’s retouch is truly unique: the woman seems to be shaping something that by nature is not malleable.


image credit: Kyle Re Creative

Each of his images offers us an original and above all unexpected scene, which really succeeds in transporting us into a sort of parallel, fantastic and almost magical dimension .


image credit: Kyle Re Creative

Just scroll down  this photographer’s website or  Instagram profile to see how skilled he is with photo editing and shutter speed .


image credit: Kyle Re Creative

Kyle doesn’t limit himself to his water sculptures, but offers us fascinating photos from other angles. Of people walking on the water , extravagant poses suggestions from another world, and more.


image credit: Kyle Re Creative

Among all his works, water seems to be an element always loved and preferred. It’s really impressive what he manages to create.


image credit: Kyle Re Creative

What do you think of his photos? Did they succeed in conveying emotions to you?

Source used:

 kylerecreative / Instagram

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