This Page Presents Photos Of Projects Born Of Brilliant Ideas: 16 Breathtaking Examples.

The most beautiful and fascinating projects are often born from simple ideas: we can be inspired by anything by looking at what surrounds us. Whether it’s running an ad campaign, getting people to a particular place, or solving someone’s problems in a concrete way, a small idea really makes a difference. Why is the chessboard you are going to see so shiny? Because, quite simply, it solves a problem that many people have in common: that of not being able to remember what move a particular pawn can make. Can the door of a public toilet become a small masterpiece? Absolutely, if the lock becomes the famous captain’s hook. Here are 16 little design masterpieces and we are waiting for you to vote for the most beautiful of them.

#1. It looks like a real tree, but in reality it is an iron tree that fits perfectly into the arch.

image credit: snoopdog16/reddit

#2. The branches and leaves form a roof which creates a beautiful play of light, with the help of the rays of the sun.

image credit: Whisker dan/reddit

#3. Hair color follows the color of the sky: an example of advertising well done.

image credit: CheapShotNinia/reddit

#4. The beautiful packaging of an eyewear store.

image credit: sadshuichi/reddit

The frame of the glasses is also the handle with which the bag is carried: a simple but very effective idea.

#5. The hook on the door is the captain’s hook.

image credit: punchfrunk22/reddit

Someone, looking at the latch hook, remembered the captain’s hook: the result is really nice!

#6. In a library full of books, even the bench takes the form of a book.

image credit: squid50s/reddit

#7. A very nifty and fun way to signal wet ground to passers-by.

image credit: RGZoro/reddit

#8. The little man who signals the exit gives the indication by running in the right direction.

image credit: Andr0ximus/reddit

#9. A signal to educate people and invite them to be patient with people who stutter.

image credit: UnironicThatcherite/reddit

#10. A bridge that seems to be supported by these hands.

image credit: conorthearchitecr/reddit

#11. Chess game in which each piece indicates the movement that the pawn can make on the chessboard.

image credit: hashamean/reddit

An idea that probably stems from the fact that many people forget the movement that each pawn can make: it is small problems that are born big ideas.

#12. Carts of different colors to convey a message to the sellers.

image credit: noideawhatsupp reddit

Red to indicate that you need help or advice from staff, black to indicate that you prefer to visit the store on your own.

#13. An intelligent ladle, capable of picking up food even in the recesses of saucepans.

image credit: dunnowat21/reddit

#14. A large sculpture in a park.

image credit: reddit

#15. A smart umbrella: when it rains, all the water slides off.

image credit: justinmantan12 reddit

The water flows out and only shows the manufacturer’s logo.

#16. The little red man remains motionless, the little green man almost seems to run.

image credit: frankieholmes447

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