This Mysterious Luminous Spiral Has Been Spotted In The Sky Of The South Pacific.

On June 18, 2021, at 6 p.m., a large and mysterious spiral was spotted in the sky over the Pacific Islands. Residents of the South Pacific islands – including New Caledonia, Tokelau, Samoa, and Fiji – were left speechless at the sight: locals documented the phenomenon with photos and videos, then shared them on social media in the hope that other Internet users can provide an explanation for what they saw.


image credit: Safvan Patel Facebook

In the videos posted on social media, we can see a spiral expanding rapidly before disappearing completely into the night sky. Many people immediately thought they were UFOs, or rather UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), but the Caledonian Astronomical Association of New Caledonia quickly provided a possible explanation in a Facebook post: even the association has doubts about this and says it does not have the expertise to give a definitive explanation, but it also claims that the phenomenon could be attributable to the release of gas from a Chinese rocket, which took off on same day from Xichang launch center to “release”


image credit: Caledonian Astronomical Association / Facebook

“‘After having accomplished its mission, it would have expelled its fuel (UDMH and nitrogen peroxide) to passivate it, that is to say, prevent it from exploding in orbit due to the residual pressure. in reservoirs. This is the phenomenon that you have observed, “said one expert.


image credit: Caledonian Astronomical Association / Facebook

In another update, the association indicates that the phenomenon has already occurred and that it is likely to recur. A similar phenomenon was recorded in the sky of northern Norway in 2009: there too, for about ten minutes, a large luminous spiral – larger than that observed in the sky of the Pacific – was visible in the sky. In this case, the person responsible for the spiral was a Russian intercontinental ballistic missile called Bulava. The missile, due to a malfunction, began to spin, causing the fuel spiral that left those who observed the phenomenon speechless. However, unlike the Norwegian phenomenon, the spiral observed in the Pacific sky was not caused by damage, but by a deliberate and necessary maneuver to empty the tanks of residual fuel .

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