From “Village Madman” To Hero. This Man Dug A Canal By Hand To Bring Water To His People

Often, reading stories that tell of the exploits of great people, one learns that before they were viewed positively for what they did, they had to endure the mockery and humiliation of many who did not. did not believe in them.

It is ultimately a treatment for special spirits, who may seem a little crazy at first for what they do, but who end up giving humanity exemplary lessons. The man considered as the ” village madman ” of whom we are going to speak to you, was precisely affected by this fate, even if his detractors finally reconsidered him, given the service he rendered to his community. So decades of criticism turned into applause.


image credit: IndiaTV/Youtube

We are in East India, in the village of Kolitwa, a place affected by a very severe drought, which has literally devastated the local economy and agricultural activities in the region. Given the situation, many people have been forced over the years to leave the village and settle in more fertile places. Many, but not Loungi Bhuiya , one of the locals who decided he was going to do something with courage, will and a pinch of “madness”.

The “madman” of Kolitwa – as other locals called him – decided to dig with his own hands an irrigation canal about 5 km long that would bring water from the nearest spring to the village. A true visionary who for years captured the attention of locals and non-residents alike as, more determined than ever, he worked tirelessly to transform these arid lands into arable land.


image credit: IndiaTV/Youtube

Inspired by the exploits of Dashrath Manjh , another Indian who took 22 years to dig a road through a mountain using only a hammer and chisel, Loungi decided he could do it. “ Everyone thought I was crazy, ” and for decades this belief has not left the locals. Until the mockery and insults turn into astonishment, gratitude and thanks .


image credit: IndiaTV/Youtube

From the forest to the village: It was not easy to finish his irrigation works, but Loungi finally succeeded, and he knew that the source would be sufficient to meet the water needs of the village . His “mission” lasted almost 30 years, and now all the villagers benefit from his sweat and courage.


image credit: IndiaTV/Youtube

From “village madman” to true hero, therefore: this man went against all prejudices, making what he had planned in his mind. A feat for which he was rewarded with a new tractor: the minimum for all the effort it cost him. Loungi has shown the world that following your dreams to the end is by no means synonymous with madness, but with lucid courage and concrete commitment to make things better.

source used: IndiaTV

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