This House Is Covered With Mirrors: It Fits Perfectly Into The Landscape And Its Appearance Is Never The Same.

When we think of a ranch, we certainly think of rustic constructions, with a simple but unique appearance, perfectly integrated into the rural environment in which they are found. The same goes for a mountain chalet: beams, sloping roof, and stone make it immediately recognizable.

What would you think then if you were in front of a cottage reminiscent of a ranch, but everything is covered … in mirrors? There is probably something wrong with it, and yet such a structure does exist, and it is located in Switzerland, surrounded by the wonderful backdrop of the Alps.


We are in Videmanette, in the Swiss Alps of Gstaad, a town in the canton of Bern. Here, like a California ranch, there is a truly amazing home. More than a house, it is actually a work of architectural design, which respects the surrounding landscape so faithfully that it is able to reflect it completely .


Indeed, the exterior walls of this house have been completely covered with mirrors, with the specific aim of reflecting the environment and blending into it. A truly original idea, born from the mind of the American artist Doug Aitken. This is a site-specific installation, that is to say, designed to be inserted in a specific context.


In fact, Mirage was not built specifically for the Swiss Alps: it was once positioned in the Southern California desert and in a building in Detroit, then moved to Gstaad. The intention is to create architectural works that are both in the landscape and the landscape itself. The house is never the same: over the hours, days, and seasons, it changes appearance and follows the evolution of everything around it.


In short, the world is changing and this house is changing with it. Nothing on Mirage’s surface repeats itself twice in the same way, although the differences may seem imperceptible.


The beautiful Swiss mountains draw their breathtaking figures and colors on their walls. And who knows what Mirage will show in places where it will be installed in the future …


source used: Dezeen

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