This Girl Creates Tattoos So Realistic They Look Real: 15 Of Her Most Stunning Works.

Tattoos are a true form of art whose roots date back to ancient times. If the choice of decorating the skin with drawings or writings does not appeal to everyone, it must be admitted that in some cases one can only remain speechless in front of works so realistic or precise that they seem real, ready to be affected.

We’re talking about tattoos that are so awesome that they can convince even the most skeptical person that they’re something wonderful. We decided to present you a selection of work from a tattoo artist who really deserves to be congratulated for what she does. Her name is Ryan Ashley Malarkey and she is well known on the web. The reason is not hard to guess: just look at her tattoos and you will be instantly surprised. Ready to take a closer look?


This young tattoo artist is a real celebrity. Her unique, detailed and distinctive style has made her popular all over the world. When Ryan tries her hand at one of her models, she creates works that seem to come out of people’s skin, almost as if they are “raised”. Lace, jewels and shades of color : it almost feels like you can touch these tattoos, doesn’t it?

#2. Look at this drawing: it’s impressive to say the least, isn’t it?

#3. A “jewel” drawn on the skin!

#4. Reflections, contrasts, proportions: much more than a simple tattoo!

For Ryan, expressing himself through tattoos is a real reason for living. When she creates her body art, the whole world around her seems to stop. The concentration is maximum, and you can see the results once the work is finished: simply impressive!

#5. It looks like an accessory on his body!

#6. It’s not every day that you see tattoos like this!

image credit: ryanashleymalarkey / Instagram

#7. Would you also do a tattoo like this?

#8.Disturbing, complex and majestic at the same time.


image credit: ryanashleymalarkey / Instagram

Her talent led her to win the eighth season of the American television contest Ink Master : she was the first woman to achieve this success. It goes without saying that her body is almost completely covered in tattoos. Ryan likes to impress and stand out, and it must be said that she really succeeded in her intention!

#10. A truly…precious drawing!

image credit: ryanashleymalarkey / Instagram

#11. With these purple highlights, it’s fascinating to say the least.

image credit: ryanashleymalarkey / Instagram

What do you think ? Excessive or elegant? She certainly knows how to create amazement!

#12. Once again, we are faced with a drawing that seems to “emerge” from the skin.

image credit: ryanashleymalarkey / Instagram

Don’t you find the realism impressive?

#13. How to beautify a foot with a tattoo?

image credit: ryanashleymalarkey / Instagram

Simply wonderful!

#14. Such a tattoo certainly does not go unnoticed!

image credit: ryanashleymalarkey / Instagram


What do you think of his tattoos? Which did you like the most?

source used: ryanashleymalarkey / Instagram

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