This Former Prison Has Been Transformed Into A Luxury Hotel: The Cells Are Now Rooms.

One thing is certain: when the huge English prison of Bodmin was built at the end of the 19th century, no one would have imagined that one day, more than 200 years later, someone would be happy to spend time there. time and pay for it.

And yet, that is exactly what it is today: what was once a place of suffering and punishment, and a true model of English prison architecture, is now a luxury hotel, a true gem. of design and hospitality in a comfortable and contemporary style, the result of a long restoration which completely changed what Bodmin had been for centuries. However, the essence is still the same: so much so that, despite the redesign, there is still a unique atmosphere, shrouded in mystery. Are you ready to explore this very special hotel?

Bodmin is located in the heart of Cornwall, around a four-and-a-half-hour drive from London. Its imposing structure, which dominates the village of the same name, was created in 1779, and, from the start, it was both feared and appreciated. For the first time in England, there were single cells inside, as well as separate areas for men and women, hot water and rooms with “comforts” hitherto unknown in prisons. .

Like any prison, Bodmin was also a place of penance and negativity, where no one wanted to spend time or, worse, be executed. However, after nearly 150 years in business, it all came to an end and Bodmin was closed in 1927.

Needless to say, since then there have been rumors, legends and rather gruesome stories circulating about the old prison, which over the years has become increasingly abandoned and dilapidated.

image credit: The Bodmin Jail Hotel

Until, a few years ago, the London firm Twelve Architects decided to act to reverse this process of degradation. After a first attempt to demolish the prison (the walls of which were too thick to withstand even dynamite!), The idea arrived. Besides being a cultural and historical site, Bodmin would also become an ultra-luxurious hotel .

image credit: The Bodmin Jail Hotel

It is true: in the cells where many criminals spent – and ended – their days, now sleep the clients of the Bodmin Jail Hotel . A residence of character equipped with every comfort, from television to the bathtub, including a luxury restaurant, a fitness room and a meeting space.

image credit: The Bodmin Jail Hotel

The bedrooms – or should we call them “cells”? – were created exactly in the rooms reserved for prisoners , recreating a truly unique atmosphere.

The austere and imposing environment of the prison has been redesigned in a contemporary and creative way by architect Matt Cartwright, in charge of the renovation. It is thanks to him that after six years of work, Bodmin is now experiencing a new era, more serene and positive.

What do you think? Would you be ready to book a stay in this … luxurious and exclusive prison? 

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