This Duck Runs The New York Marathon And Becomes The Undisputed Champion Of The Web.

The New York City Marathon is an annual race that takes place in the city’s five major districts. It is the most anticipated event of the year and the most popular marathon in the world. The first took place in 1970. The last New York City Marathon, which took place on November 7, 2021, saw a duck – called Wrinkle the duck – establish itself as the clear winner of the web. Wrinkle the duck rubs shoulders with experienced marathoners and those who run for passion, to get involved, or to live a new experience.


image credit: seducktiv / TikTok

The adorable duck not only ran the marathon, but also wore specially designed shoes for the event. We don’t know what his record time was, his average speed or when he started the race. We do know, however, that he has won millions of fans. The fast-running duck video quickly went viral on TikTok, reaching 5 million views in just three days. The video was then shared on YouTube, where the owner said a few words about his loyal friend.


image credit: seducktiv / TikTok

“Wrinkle is more than a beautiful duck, he’s a grown human child. He’s fast.” TikTok and YouTube users wrote numerous comments, and all agreed that the undisputed champion of the marathon was the charming Wrinkle, described as cute, legendary and amazing.  


image credit: seducktiv / TikTok

One user wrote: “I know it sounds silly, but I’ve been deeply sad lately, and seeing this little man running really made me smile.” And, to the surprise of many, a message from Adidas also arrived: “Send it all to our design team to petition for a new collection of duck shoes.” In short, the duck that – with an amused but proud air – ran the marathon has everyone cracking up , and one wonders if he will become the official mascot of the New York Marathon in the years to come or not. he will simply be one of the participants in the event. Of course, Wrinkle’s fame won’t stop there – we’re sure he will become a real web star!

source used: seducktiv / TikTok

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