This Corrugated Glass Bridge Hangs 140 Meters Above A Ravine. The Photos Make You Dizzy.

Not everyone is able to face certain challenges and situations with the necessary composure. There are those who are eager to embark on the most “extreme” events and those who prefer to be more careful. We have to admit, however, that some places are as curious as they are scary, like the bridge that we are going to show you, which has once been called “the scariest bridge in the world”.

Looking at the photos, it’s not hard to see why. Not only is it suspended 140 meters above the ground and has a wavy shape, but some of its parts are made of glass, which makes crossing it a real test of courage, not recommended for sensitive souls and especially those who suffer from vertigo!


image credit: Zhejiang China

We are in China , more precisely in the province of Zhejiang . In this mountainous region with fascinating landscapes, He Yunchang designed this fascinating architectural work that could give you chills just by looking at it. This is the Ruyi Bridge , whose shape is recognizable and whose fame went viral after photos and videos began to circulate on the web.


image credit: Zhejiang, China/Facebook

Seen from a distance, this incredible bridge looks like a huge eye , with lines that are both soft and stiff, both wonderful to look at but terrifying to cross. The bravest visitors have already crossed it since September 2020, when it opened to the public. At first, when the images and footage began to circulate, some called them fake, but over time the presence of this structure was confirmed, by various sources as well as by local authorities.


image credit: Zhejiang, China/Facebook

The official website of Zhejiang province  has indeed unveiled the details of this architectural marvel, designed to invite people to try their hand at a crossing that they will surely remember for the rest of their lives . It goes without saying that in this regard, on the Internet there were many comments made by those who were struck, intrigued and impressed by the features of the Ruyi Bridge.


image credit: curimundoficial/Instagram

China is not at its first attempt: how to forget, to name just one, the incredible glass footbridge suspended at 1,400 meters and “hung” on the side of a mountain in the Zhangjiajie park? Even then, stepping on it is a vertigo-inducing experience!


image credit: Zhejiang, China/Facebook

Although the Ruyi has been called the scariest bridge in the world , anyone willing to attempt to visit it may be somewhat reassured that, in Chinese folklore, its shape (inspired by the “ruyi” scepter in jade ) symbolizes beauty and luck.

Would you have the courage to walk the 100 meters of the bridge and take a look down?

Source used:
Zhejiang China

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