This Bear Snuck Into A Yard And Took Advantage Of The Pool To Take A Summer Nap.

The holidays are the period most awaited by all: with the arrival of the holidays, there is a certain frenzy in the air, the desire to get away from everyday life and enjoy a few well-deserved days of relaxation. After months of study and hard work, swimming in the sea or sunbathing in the garden without worrying about a thing – except sunbathing – are the most attractive prospects. And if it is not possible to go to the beach or if the vacation is too far away, some people decide to get around the problem by buying a swimming pool. But what if this swimming pool, bought for children to use, is occupied by an intruder ?


image credit: CNN

A woman living in Virginia, Regina Keller, went to her garden to water her flowers. She had placed a small swimming pool there for the children to enjoy. However, she found an intruder: a large black bear had entered the pool to take a nap. This is not the first time that this woman has seen bears: she has photographed the wild animals that have frequented her garden for 12 years. Her home is located near the George Washington National Forest in Fort Valley and she has seen bears, deer, foxes and squirrels.

The woman says it’s the biggest bear she’s ever seen and she’s convinced she saw the same bear in her backyard two years earlier. The large and majestic animal entered the yard, walked around a bit, and saw the swimming pool: he approached and plunged his big paw into the water. He looks a bit like us when you are about to take your first bath: you immerse your body slowly to get used to the temperature. After the water was tested, the bear entered it completely and lay down. The woman took a picture of the bear taking a nape, immersed in the small swimming pool, in full relaxation. He looks very happy and rested. Regina sat on a chair near the door of her house to observe the animal. The bear rested in the pool for about an hour. But the woman’s grandchildren came and the dogs started barking, so the bear got up and was gone. The woman says it was a wonderful time: the big animal gave her a great sense of peace, and she feels lucky that she was able to seize this moment and hope it will happen again in the future.

source used: cnn

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