This Artist Makes Drawings Of Animals So Bizarre They Are Almost Convincing.

We know very well that each of us has a totally subjective way of seeing things around us. And what is art if not a representation of these personal feelings? Indeed, the concept of beauty itself varies from person to person, and a work that some consider acceptable can be totally negative to others.

The artist we are going to present to you certainly knows something about it. Phil Heckels, known as Hercules Van Wolfwinkle, chose to express himself through drawings that are quite difficult to define as objectively beautiful. However, looking at them, one cannot help but smile. The reason? His depictions of pets are so funny and improbable, they’re almost convincing. It is no coincidence that Hercules attracted attention with his “masterpieces”. Some might say they’re little more than scribbles, but let’s face it: they’re adorable!


image credit: portraitsbyhercule/Instagram

For Hercules, it all started when he had fun doodling with his son. His childish and funny drawings, however, quickly became a real trademark.

#2. What do you think ? Is it faithful to the original?


image credit: portraitsbyhercule/Instagram

People who met him began to commission portraits of their pets from him. But instead of paying it, people donate money to a charity that takes care of the homeless.

#4. It’s not a bad drawing, is it?


“These images have literally changed my life, in a positive way, and it’s wonderful to combine the fun with the possibility of doing good.”

#6. A design that conveys the idea …


According to him, Hercules produced more than 800 illustrations in just one year, gaining tens of thousands of followers on his social networks.

#8. A special photo for a memorable drawing!


In total, this unique artist has raised over £ 110,000, which has been donated entirely to charity.

#10. All round !


image credit: Pet Portraits By Hercule/Facebook

“It takes me about 10 minutes to complete a portrait but what takes me the longest is managing the page, taking care of inquiries, shipping and fundraising.”

#12. Identical!

image credit: Pet Portraits By Hercule/Facebook


image credit: Pet Portraits By Hercule/Facebook

Dogs, cats and more become cute stylized drawings through his pencil, capturing a playful and irresistible essence.

#14. It’s him !

image credit: Pet Portraits By Hercule/Facebook


#16. Art and charity come together in the case of this designer, and we can only commend such projects.

“We’re going to keep fundraising for as long as possible. I’m having fun and hoping that something good continues to come out of this.”

What do you think of this artist’s drawings? Would you let him draw your pet’s portrait?

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