This Artist Brings The Streets Of Cities To Life By Drawing Characters And Scenes That Make You Dream.

What can be done with a simple piece of colored chalk? If you think that these tools can only be used in school contexts and that they are rather simple and limited, you have not yet seen the cool works of the artist that we are going to present to you.

His name is David Zinn , and he is a true master in the use of these colors. What makes his works so special? Simple and ingenious at the same time: armed – so to speak – with his faithful chalk and charcoal, this American artist has decided to express himself in a colorful and fun way by animating the corners of cities with characters who seem to come out of a gang drawn or cartoon. Are you ready to discover them more closely?


Did you ever think you would meet dragons, mice or funny little men who “interact” with their surroundings just by looking down a sidewalk? If you are in Michigan, it is very likely, because this is where David Zinn operates.


Have you ever had fun with colored chalk in your childhood? If so, you’ll love David Zinn’s work. Much more than simple chalk drawings, the creations of this man really make us dream .


Each of his drawings tells a story , as if it were a small window opening onto a fantastic world, populated by friendly and original creatures.


image credit: davidzinn/Instagram

One of the peculiarities of Zinn’s drawings is that they often interact with their surroundings.


image credit: davidzinn/Instagram

From elements such as tufts of grass, bricks or cracks in the sidewalk, this street artist is able to create great little masterpieces, each more fascinating than the next.


David is self-taught; his work is inspired by nature and everything he finds to inspire it.


image credit: davidzinn/Instagram

“It’s important in life to always do what you find fun,” he said, reflecting on his work and his journey.


“Science is how we solve problems, but art is how we deal with them, which is a good thing because science often takes a long time, and in the meantime a problem has to be dealt with. “.


image credit: davidzinn/Instagram

After all, isn’t one of the main functions of art to stimulate us, to make us dream and to allow us to detach ourselves a little from the negativity that often surrounds us?


image credit: davidzinn/Instagram

David Zinn fully understood the power of a simple colored chalk drawing, which is why he helps us find a little happiness with his works .


His characters quickly rose to fame around the world, as did his fame far beyond Michigan.


image credit: davidzinn/Instagram

It is no coincidence that Zinn is very popular on his social networks , where he shares his work on several occasions, offering us delicious moments of escape.


“It’s creativity and it’s good for the soul.” 


“I am always looking for new opportunities to use art as a way to solve problems of all kinds,” said the artist.


What do you think ? Are not his works charming?

Source used:

 davidzinn / Instagram

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