They Renovate A House And Discover 80,000 Bees And 45 Kg Of Honey In The Shower Wall.

Renovating a house – or deciding to do it – is certainly not easy: we know that there will be unforeseen problems to solve, sooner or later. But a Florida couple certainly did not expect to make this discovery in the shower walls: a veritable colony of 80,000 bees had invaded the bathroom walls. What to do in such cases? The couple, owners of the house, immediately called in a professional beekeeper.


image credit: Not the actual photo – Flickr

Stefanie and Dan were renovating their house when, after removing the tiles from the bathroom with the help of a beekeeper, they came across a huge colony of bees. They enlisted the help of Elisha Bixler, a professional beekeeper, to find out more and resolve the issue. The beekeeper said: “There was honey everywhere: walls, floor, shoes, doorknobs. I had to knock down the wall to the uprights to get the whole colony out .” The couple sensed something was wrong, and it wasn’t the first time bees had been found in their beach house. Two or three years before this incident, Stefanie and Dan had found a giant beehive in the same bathroom, and it was from there that 


image credit: Not the actual photo – Flickr

The couple wasn’t afraid of the colony: they love nature and bees, but they knew they couldn’t live with these hosts. Confirmation of the bees’ presence was provided by a professional beekeeper who, using a heat detector, found that the temperature of the shower wall was around 96 degrees, a temperature that suggested the presence of ‘a beehive: “As soon as I saw where they were, I started removing the tiles and revealing this huge beehive. Most of it was honey.” The operation lasted more than five hours and the beekeeper used clothes to protect himself from the bees. He then found the queen bee, put her in a protective cage, then with the other bees: “So, all the bees go in the box with it, Mr Bixler said. She wants to go back to her wall. She thinks it’s her home. ”Most of the honey has been stored and the bees have been housed in special structures.

source used: seattletimes

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