They Park Their Car In Front Of The Entrance To A Field: The Farmer Takes The Excavator And Takes Revenge.

Oftentimes we have to be very careful with what we are doing, because we can never know if our actions can trigger the anger of others, with quite serious consequences, as in the case which we are going to talk about.

Can a car parked in the wrong place be a good reason for a pretty drastic reaction? The answer is obviously yes, and in the end, this is precisely where quarrels and conflicts between people often arise. This English farmer knows a thing or two about it. Angry over a car left where it shouldn’t have been, he decided to crack down and became the protagonist of a video that quickly toured the web.


image credit: what’s the channel/Youtube

When the silver car was spotted parked in the driveway of Robert Hooper’s farmhouse in Barnard Castle, County Durham, it evidently aroused enough anger that it couldn’t be contained. It is not known if Hooper was driving the yellow backhoe, but what is certain is that, in the video posted to Snapchat by Elliott Johnson, the vehicle was used to carry out heavy revenge against those who had left the car at this location.

In the full video, a shirtless man can be seen protesting to the driver of the excavator, pushing the car from behind until it is lifted and tipped onto the street, obviously causing considerable damage. According to reports, the farmer lost his temper after the owner of the machine refused to move it.


image credit: what’s the channel/Youtube

Annoyed by this behavior and by another mistreatment of his property, the farmer decided to intervene once and for all. It is not known whether the shirtless young man is indeed the owner of the car, nor whether there have been precedents between him and the farmer.


image credit: what’s the channel/Youtube

The police are trying to shed light on what happened, also collecting testimonies from Hooper’s neighbors. It was through them that they learned of the repeated acts of neglect and the “anti-social” behavior of which he was the victim. Elements which, apparently, led him to no longer tolerate anything and to load this car with the excavator.

Dragged, lifted, overturned, and eventually damaged, the car was then left behind until police arrived at the scene. No one has yet been arrested for what happened, and the story has sparked widespread debate, with conflicting opinions. There are those who joked about the need to never park in front of a farmer’s door, those who praised the way the farmer did justice, and those who, on the contrary, accused the man of having committed a criminal act, even if he was perhaps moved by understandable principles.

And you what do you think ?

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