These Two Albino Sisters Are Remarkably Beautiful

People or animals get some pale, extra white colour skin when they are born with Albinism. You may feel it’s a little bit strange and unnatural. but the beauty doesn’t go off. Approximately 1 in 20,000 or 1 in 3,000 at the highest can get this rare mutation and not much ordinary.

While we all are humans, beauty can be changed according to some health conditions. Asel and Kamilia Kalaganova are Kazakh sisters are born with this rare genetic mutation and surprisingly they are 12 years apart from their age.

# 1. Renaissance-like beauty

They are really beautiful with their colors. They’ve got a small opportunity to become models with their extra-white and pale colors. This image is similar to a rebirth artwork.

# 2. Always in sister mood

This rare hereditary mutation will make your body extra white. It also brings some more side-effects such as effects on eyesight. You also get some susceptible skin with this genetic condition. The people who have this genetic condition should wear spectacles and they also need more sunscreen.

# 3. Smile more

The two beautiful girls are really contented in each images they’ve shared. They are like snow balls.

# 4. Beautiful white color

If you want to see the real beauty of them, you should look them with the thought of beauty in your heart. Beauty could be varied according to people and their living culture but it has it’s own standards. There no only one beautiful skin condition and it has more variations. Around our nature there are so many beautiful things, such as mountains forests, waterfalls, rivers and even the sky is beautiful in its own way.

# 5. Twelve years of age difference, but looks the same

Assel is 14 years old and Kamila is 2 years old. When they are together, it’s a wonderful scenery. People would wonder why they’ve chosen as photo models, but the images will prove it.

# 6. Their smile is so unique

Kamila is a little bit playful girl and according to her sister, she doesn’t obey people while shooting. These images say that little Kamila only obey and trust what her sister says.

# 7. Life is sometimes the same

These two beautiful girls love to go to a swimming pool and interact with many new friends thy meet. Being with this albinism condition, they still love doing the small things what others love to do. They have some more sunscreen and enjoy pool parties too.

# 8. Their whole family

Its surprising how this genetic mutation skipped another baby in their family. This tells how things can be shifted. They are also a normal family like all the other and enjoys their life.

# 9. They are like same

To make Kamila happy, Assel weighs her in many times. In this video that was posted by Assel, you can see how much Assel love her little sister.

# 10.

Photographer Zhenya Volkova has photographed these beautiful sisters and he has done a great job. Assel would always love to kiss her little sister Kamila.

# 11. “Look cute for the camera, sis!” .

Kamila was two years old when she was taken to these photo-shoot. She didin’t have any idea of what it implies to be a model. But she smile at every photo shoot pricelessly and we can see how happy she is to be in these photos with his lovely sister Assel.

The younger girl is very small to feel what it means to be a one with a genetic mutation and to be a photo model. But. at this very small age, she only understand her family and the love given by her family.

# 12.

Assel has an Instagram page too that she always posts about their new things if you are interesting about these two beautiful girls. You can follow them if you love them.

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