These Solar Domes Desalinate Seawater Using Solar Energy: The Zero Impact Project.

The desalination of seawater is an increasingly popular solution to fight against drought and water shortages. In many parts of the world where fresh and potable water is far from obvious, this system, despite all the difficulties it involves, can represent real salvation.

The system we’re about to tell you about is a revolutionary breakthrough, the kind that can write a new chapter on any given topic. Thanks to the solar domes designed by the English company Solar Water, in fact, not only will it be possible to desalinate huge quantities of seawater, so large that they could be used on a commercial scale, but it will be possible to do it in a totally clean way.


image credit: Solar Water PLC

Considering the amount of saltwater that covers our planet, it is not difficult to imagine how useful it would be to desalinate it in a practical, ecological, and efficient way to make it available to those who have the most. need. This is why, in recent years, efforts to achieve this have not failed, and those of Solar Water PLC are particularly significant given the project in question.

It is the first desalination plant using solar domed technology, already under construction in Saudi Arabia, thanks to an agreement signed between the company and the government of this eastern country. The installation is a kind of ” steel tank buried underground, covered with a glass dome, ” according to David Reavley, CEO of Solar Water.


image credit: Solar Water PLC

The dome is equipped with concentrated solar energy technology, surrounded by special reflectors which concentrate the radiation inwards. In this way, the heat is transferred to the seawater inside, which is transformed into freshwater by a process of evaporation and condensation .


image credit: Solar Water PLC

All this is done without using pollutants of any kind and without releasing harmful elements into the air, unlike other similar technologies. While doubts remain about the effectiveness of this method, there are high expectations for Solar Water’s solar domes, and time will tell. In the meantime, according to the company, there is no doubt that such a system could mark a turning point in freshwater production, especially in places like Saudi Arabia where light is plentiful. What do you think ?

Source used:

 CNN Arabia

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