These Original Succulents Have Leaves Reminiscent Of Magical And Transparent Crystals.

Do you like succulents? There are so many incredible types and shapes in nature that it would be necessary to study entire books on these plant species. Excellent for decorating the interior of your home with a touch of whimsy and color but also as beautiful decorations for your garden or patio, succulents will never cease to amaze us . Did you know that there is a type whose leaves are shaped like transparent crystals?

#1. This species is called haworthia cooperi and is easily recognized because its leaves are translucent

#2. Although there are many subspecies in nature, their leaves grow to form a “rosette” clump.

#3. At first glance, it seems these translucent buds look like those weird bath pearls that were so popular in the 90s …

#4. … and on the other hand, they are an extraordinary gift from Mother Nature, perfect to beautify gardens and home interiors with a touch of whimsy!

#5. The Haworthia Cooperi is typical of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, but it is also commonly found in the southern United States.

Doesn’t that make you want to take some for your garden too?

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