These Mysterious “Living” Stones Grow, Breathe And Reproduce: A Fascinating Natural Enigma.

If there is one thing in nature that we would all call “inanimate”, it is stone. Of course: everything in the environment around us can evolve, move and change its appearance over time, but in the case of stone, it is certain that it depends on external factors, and not on the stone itself.

However, this is not always the case: the incredible formations that we are going to tell you about tell us something else. These stones in question, found in a valley in Romania, can almost be considered living things. The reason? They grow, breathe, and can even reproduce. Are you ready to take a closer look?


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They are called servants, which in Romanian means “cemented sand”, and they are called “alive”. According to geologists, these primordial stones were born 6 million years ago and have unique characteristics that make them “full of life”.

When they discovered them in the Costeşti Valley, about 35 km from Ramnicu Valcea, the experts understood that they were dealing with something exceptional. It is not every day that we find stones that can grow, reproduce and even react to contact with water !


After studying and analyzing them, scientists have established that they can exhibit amazing growth rates: from formations of 6-8 millimeters, they can reach 6 or 10 meters in diameter. But their wonders don’t end there. During the rains, the servants are able to store water, which exerts pressure inside, and, thanks to the high concentration of mineral salts from which they benefit, this water is able to make them grow, in a reaction that reminds us of what is happening with plants.


They take a long time to grow (5 centimeters every 1200 years), but their “superpowers” make them unique. It is no coincidence that since their discovery and study, the servants have been a tourist attraction, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every year, visitors come to the Muzeul Trovantilor reserve to observe with their own eyes what were once mere pebbles, which over time have become a fascinating natural enigma.


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In two weeks, these “living” stones are able to move about 2.5mm and change shape, which makes them even more mysterious and intriguing.

Many hypotheses and theories have been formulated about them, both in the scientific world and outside. Some think they are the product of earthquakes that man has no memory of, others – with a little more imagination – even think they are extraterrestrials, and still, others obviously have them. is the subject of myths and legends. Local folklore wants these stones to be treated with respect and watered regularly because they bring good luck. And although they are not only found in Romania, there is no doubt that here they have taken the most extravagant and curious forms.


image credit: Trovantilor Museum

Do you know the history of the trovants?

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