Is Office Work Hard? These 20 Vintage Photos Show Some Of The Toughest Jobs Of The Past.

Even if today the working conditions are not the best, we can only be taken aback by the photos representing work scenes from the past, in particular those that we have gathered below, dated between the end of the years. The 1800s and mid-1900s.

Hard work, inhuman hours, poverty wages, miners employed in the toughest jobs: going to work, for many modest people, was anything but a walk in the park. On the contrary, after such days of hard work, many of them must have been happy to return home safe and sound … The well-being and safety of those who worked were practically ignored: find out how high the standards were. different in the past, and how much more we can learn from our past to improve the present.

#1. When the fans were not powered by electricity ….

image credit: Mahmoods/reddit

We are in India in the early 1900s. These men run ceiling fans with their bodies.

#2. Life in the mine, Belgium, 1920s

image credit: rockystl/reddit

These coal miners, piled up like sardines in an elevator that took them to the surface, were returning from back-breaking work.

#3. It’s never too early to start working

image credit: Lewis Hine/ Library of Congress

This child was collecting shrimp and he was five years old. We’re in Mississippi in 1911.

#4. The Shoe Shine, London 1877

image credit: John Thomson – Adolphe Smith/ Lse digital library

A humble and humiliating job, often carried out by children.

#5. Ammunition manufacturers

image credit: Paul-Belgium/reddit

It was not a rare job, far from it. We are in England during the First World War.

#6. A teenage girl at work in a cotton mill in Texas, 1913

image credit: Lewis Hine/ Library of Congress

#7. Workers on the Eiffel Tower

image credit: TragicDonut/reddit

There is probably no adequate remuneration for this type of work, note the total absence of helmets and other protective equipment!

#8. Still in the mine: a daily moment between two colleagues

image credit: reddit

#9. This woman was doing her husband’s work while he was in the war.

image credit: Slipperyfister/reddit

We are in the United States, during World War II, and this woman had taken her husband’s place in a fire observation tower, spending a lot of time alone there.

#10. Do you recognize him? This is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and this worker painted it in its characteristic orange color.

image credit: reddit

#11. A chimney sweep and his assistant, London 1877

image credit:…

Another very hard and almost forgotten job …

#12. Life was not easy, even for those who worked in the ports.

image credit: De Cou/ Library of Congress

We are here in Hong Kong around 1890.

#13. Other women workers manufacturing munitions during the war

image credit: Bain News Service/ Library of Congress

#14. These men were in charge of pest control

image credit: John Thomson – Adolphe Smith/ Lse digital library

The photo was taken in London at the end of the 19th century.

#15. Another impressive glimpse into everyday life in the mine.

image credit: reddit

It’s hard to imagine a more difficult job than this …

#16. Another very dangerous job

image credit: verostein/reddit

This worker wearing a plastic “uniform” was immortalized in 1954 at his workplace, a nuclear power plant.

#17. A worker suspended above the Empire State Building

image credit: detailedhijab/reddit

Photos of American workers hanging in the sky while building skyscrapers in metropolises are famous, but we have to admit, they still cause a stir!

#18. Cotton mill workers, large and small.

image credit: NihilisticNoir/reddit

It’s 1909 in Georgia, and all of these people, including the younger ones, are working hard in the cotton mills.

#19. Another impressive look at child labor

image credit: Lewis Hine/ Wikimedia

These children had just finished night work in a glass factory in Virginia in 1911.

#20. Work in the factory was allowed at any age: here we are in 1908.

image credit: jusper50/reddit

Very impressive, don’t you think? Unfortunately in the poorest regions of the planet, some of these photos may still be relevant …

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