These 17 Dogs Outgrew Their Owners But Are Still Puppies In Their Hearts

Children grow very fast, and canine children grow even faster.

A loving owner doesn’t have time to change all the bitten cords and eaten slippers, as a small fluffy one can turn into a large, strong fluffy mass.

In order not to miss the happy moments of the puppy, many try to photograph the growth stages of their pet. The result is a series of “before and after” images in which the puppies suddenly get bigger, but in their hearts they are still puppies:

#1. “My brother’s dog is a Pyrenean mountain dog”

#2. “From a cub to a fluffy bear in 9 months”

#3. “After their first meeting, they are now best friends”

#4. “10 and 15 years later.”

#5. “12 weeks apart”

#6. “8 weeks and 6 months”

#7. “Before and after 2 years”

#8. “He got even weirder, but he was still the perfect kid.”

9. “After 14 years”

10. “3-6-9-12 months with my baby”

11. “11 years apart”

12. Only 3 months apart.

13. “Once a boss is forever a boss”

14. “In 9 months the puppy has become a little horse”

15. “Two years later, we are both still wearing camouflage.”

16. “8 months later.”

17. “14 years and many gray hair later”

Our pets will always be puppies in their hearts. Do you have photos of you and your pet years apart? Feel free to leave them in the comments! Share this cute gallery with your friends who love their pets.

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