After 700 Years, The Templar Tunnel Has Been Rediscovered The Knights Are Said To Have Used It To Move Their Treasures.

The Templar treasure has become the subject of legends since their untimely death at the beginning of the 14th century and in this article, we are talking about just these knights: the Templars and the tunnel they built and which, for about 700 years, has fallen into oblivion. The Templar Tunnel is an underground passage located in the city ​​of Acre, in present-day Israel. Under the control of the Templars, during the Third Crusade and for about 100 years, the city reached its peak.


image credit: Yigal Dekel/Wikipedia

Archaeologists have uncovered a series of underground tunnels that the order may have used to move their riches into their “treasure tower”. Archaeologist Albert Lin spoke about the find in a National Geographic documentary. The tunnel passes under the roads and serves as a strategic passage connecting the Templar Palace to the port. In the 13th century, Acre fell to the Mamluks and the tunnel was forgotten. The archaeologist and his team used LIDAR (similar to Radar): a remote sensing technique that makes it possible to visualize the area where the headquarters are thought to have been located and to analyze what remains without having to excavate. This tool allowed them to build a 3D map of ruins and revealed the two tunnels and a small guard post buried under modern Acre.


image credit: Pablo Calles Sanchez / Pinterest

After the fall of Acre at the hands of the Mamluks, no one knew of the existence of the Templar Tunnel, which was only rediscovered in 1994: a woman, who lived just above, had problems with a system of sewers blocked. While trying to solve the problem, she stumbled upon the Templar Tunnel. Since then, the tunnel, 150 meters long and carved out of natural stone, has been cleaned and illuminated. In 1999, after centuries of oblivion, the Templar Tunnel was opened to the public and became one of the city’s tourist attractions.

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