Blue Java: The Tasty Blue Fruit That Tastes Like Vanilla Ice Cream.

When the heat gets unbearable, seeking some relief from the scorching temperatures becomes almost a must. Drink a cool drink, eat some fruit, or – why not? – enjoy a good ice cream: there are several ways to cool off and escape the heat .

Among all, there is one that is particularly “exotic” and original, that not everyone knows, which perfectly combines the benefits of fruit and the taste of ice cream. Let’s see what it is.


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It is not a simple fruit ice cream, but a fruit that tastes like ice cream. Yes, it is Java blue java, also called “banana ice cream”.

If at this point we have aroused your curiosity as lovers of fruits and sweet breaks, know that this banana, which grows in Hawaii, Fiji, and the Philippines, is spreading all over the world, and the reasons are more than understandable.

On peeling it and trying it, the taste is similar to vanilla ice cream. While on the outside its blue color makes it a very special fruit, on the inside, it looks like a normal yellow banana.


image credit: Stories Magazine/YouTube

The flavor of Blue Java is unique and very pleasant, as confirmed by the many people who plant this plant even in the gardens of their homes.

The seeds, in fact, are easily found online, and their rapid distribution makes this exotic fruit a real trend everywhere. It makes you want to try this original snack, tasty and healthy at the same time!

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