The Robot Vacuum Cleaner Escapes From The Hotel Where He Works And Disappears For A Day: The Curious Adventure.

Who has never felt an irresistible need to relax and escape from everyday life? We’ve all been there at one time or another, and when that time comes, the only thing to do is take care of yourself and recharge your batteries. What if it was also true… for a robot?

We are obviously joking, although, judging by the curious episode that we are about to tell, it would seem that even the friendly vacuum cleaner author of the facts had wanted a change of air for a while, perhaps “tired” of working always in the same place and to always clean the same environments. Because of this, he literally “escaped” from the English hotel where he was used and decided to walk around town. Lost for a day, he was later found under a hedge. Here is what happened.


image credit: Pixabay – Not the actual photo

The scene is memorable. A door opened, no one was looking, and the robot vacuum, accustomed to moving around the same rooms while staying well within the walls of the Travelodge hotel in Cambridge, set off on an adventure into the outside world.

The hotel cleaners didn’t see it and immediately knew something was wrong. After realizing that the robot had escaped, they started looking for it. In a post on Reddit, the hotel’s assistant manager recounted what happened, not without a hint of irony. “Today we put one of our new robot vacuum cleaners into service and it escaped to freedom ,” he wrote, adding that the Travelodge would even offer a beer to anyone who brought it back safe and sound. except.


image credit: Shocknawe-21/reddit – Not the actual photo

Needless to say, the episode immediately garnered plenty of amused reactions on social media . Users did not fail to joke about an event that can be described as unusual and hilarious. “He shouldn’t be at risk, because he has no natural predators,” one person said, for example. Imagine that you are quietly walking down the street, looking down and seeing such a “fugitive” coming towards you. A paradoxical and comic scene, isn’t it?

No one was able to find him for several hours until the little robot reappeared. After an entire day spent outside, the vacuum cleaner was found under a hedge , just when hotel staff were sure they would never see it again. Today, according to the Cambridge hotel, it’s “safe on the shelf with the rest of its robot vacuum family.” A hell of an adventure, therefore, which fortunately ended in the best of ways!

source used: Daily Mail

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