“The Retirement Home Is Too Expensive, I Retire To A Luxury Hotel”: The Alternative Choice Of A Retiree.

For many people, retirement is a real turning point when they are faced with a daily life that is completely different from what they have experienced for years and years. In this sense, the outlook is not always the best, since many older people, for one reason or another, unfortunately, end up alone, with all the negative consequences in terms of unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

The American we’re about to talk about, however, decided that his retirement wouldn’t be like that of many other people his age, and made a choice, publicly announced by a Facebook post that quickly went around the world, posing as an alternative model full of positivity. What is it about? It’s simple: a retired life to be spent in a Holiday Inn hotel, a long-term place to stay that is certainly very different from a classic retirement home!


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“ No retirement home for us, we’re moving to the Holiday Inn! ” Terry Robinson wrote enthusiastically in his post which quickly went viral on the web. A decision motivated by the ever-higher costs of retirement homes, a subject on which the retiree from Spring County, Texas, insisted at length, presenting all his calculations and plans.

The principle was simple: since retirement homes are too expensive, why not spend the rest of your life in a good hotel? “The average cost of senior residences is around $ 188 per day, but with a discount for long stays and a discount for seniors, living at the Holiday Inn would only cost me $ 59.23,” Robinson writes again.


image credit: – Holiday Inn/Wikimedia

“There would be over $ 128 a day left for restaurant lunch and dinner, room service, laundry, staff tips and more,” the old American continued, “and we would also have a swimming pool,” a spa, a gym and much more at the hotel. ” Put like this, it is hard to argue with the choice of this man, who also insisted that he would be treated as a client and not as a patient.

Not to mention that spending time there, a person of a certain age would undoubtedly feel freer than the prospect of staying in one place forever. “I can move from one establishment to another, or even from one city to another, there is a Holiday Inn almost everywhere,” he said.

Obviously, such a choice is not available to all older people. Many of them could not live alone in a hotel, also considering possible health problems due to old age. However, as an alternative for a happy retirement, we have to admit that it is not bad at all, and we are sure that Terry Robinson has inspired many people. What do you think? Would you make such a decision?

Source used:

Dallas News

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