The North Pole Is Moving Too Fast And Scientists Don’t Know Why.

The Earth’s magnetic field originates thousands of kilometers below the Earth’s surface, especially in the core, where eddies of a molten metal stir.

Scientists observed something very strange at the magnetic north pole: its normal migration occurs at an exaggerated speed, so much so that the military and navigation systems needed an urgent update. During this time, nothing changes at the magnetic south pole: what is happening?


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The magnetic north pole has never been stationary: scientists have monitored its movements since it was first detected in 1831, noting a migration to Canada. The movement has always been defined as very slow, nothing comparable to the 55 km per year that it currently covers.

Scientists do not explain the reason for such a rapid migration, but they do know that changes in the Earth’s magnetic field give an idea of what is happening in the Earth’s core, where the field is coming from.

In studying geological eras, the Earth’s magnetic field has always behaved in a strange way, but with regularity: every 200-300,000 years, for example, we observe a reversal of the south and north poles. However, with regard to the current situation, experts rule out the possibility of a reversal. At the magnetic south pole, in fact, no anomaly has been recorded like those observed in the north.


image credit: pixabay

For now, there are only hypotheses: experts have seen that the position of the magnetic north pole is the result of the magnetic forces at play between Canada and Siberia: historically, the part of Canada has always attracted towards the poles it, but now it’s as if the local forces have weakened, letting the pole moving towards Siberia.

The only way to understand what will happen is to continue monitoring migration, add experts: the phenomenon is among the most unusual that has ever happened. To understand its intensity, it is enough to think that an update of the military systems and those used for precise navigation has been released as a matter of urgency.

The new magnetic north pole was identified with the latest update to the Earth’s magnetic model, but no one knows where it will end up.

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