Photographer Takes 10 Years To Capture The Moon’s 48 Shades Of Color.

Marcella Pace is a daytime elementary school teacher. At night, she likes to observe and photograph the sky. These passionate photographers are called “astrophotographers” and document the evolution of the stars above us.

In particular, Professor Pace has collected the best photos of the moon over the past ten years and published them on the net in a composition that has fascinated a wide audience around the world. His research was awarded by NASA as “Astronomical Photo of the Day” and was shortlisted for the prestigious “Astronomy Photographer of the Year” award.


image credit: marcella_giulia_pace/Instagram

His image of 48 colored moons has garnered him a lot of attention. The work brings together 10 years of images and is simply magnificent. “During the lockdown, I spent a lot of time at home,” Marcella Pace said, “so I had a lot of time to look at my old images. So I decided to go for all full moons. that I had photographed since I started using a digital camera. I chose the 48 most colorful, that is, the ones I took when the moon was rising or setting or when atmospheric dispersion caused interesting colorations “.


image credit: marcella_giulia_pace/Instagram

The result is exciting to work that shows us our star satellite in all its glory. Of course, the moon can create shows that always amaze us, and it doesn’t take many years to find out. The teacher took a photo showing an incredible variety of shades of the moon during the same evening.

Astrophotography appeared in the early 19th century with the first keen astronomers who documented images of the Moon, Sun, and a few other bright objects. In the beginning, the sensitivity of chemical films allowed only poor results, but over time technical progress made it possible to obtain increasingly clear results and to photograph stars farther and farther away. First a hobby, the photographic technique then became, over time, considered necessary for astronomical study and made it possible to discover various celestial bodies.

Teacher Pace’s work was shortlisted by NASA as “Astronomy Photo of the Day” and shortlisted for the prestigious ” Astronomy Photographer of the Year Awards “, but it has also gone viral on the web. “There is something magnetic about this photo and I get compliments about it daily from all over the world,” Marcella Pace explained on social media:

For me, it is very important that this photo carries a message of respect for all forms of life. To live in harmony, we must be aware that our neighbor is not only man but that all forms of life are on this eternal path with us. It is a journey that is not a circle with the man in the center, but a constantly evolving spiral .

source used: marcella_giulia_pace / Instagram

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