‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ Tattoo In Woman Is Not Really A Tattoo

A lady is showing a photo of her tattoo, but it’s not actually a photo. The truth is that it’s an amazing oil painting which was done by Agnieszka Nienartowicz, a Polish artist. She completed her studies at the Fine Arts Academy of Gdańsk before 2 years and now Agnieszka uses her great talents. Hieronymus Bosch and a forefather of the Northern Renaissance is included in this art of the piece. It also depicts a tattoo artist for a modern sense.

The painting is named as Bosch’s iconic The Garden of Earthly Delights, and it was initially formed in Nienartowicz’s own private reflections. She thought that painting of the fifteenth century is the ideal way to transmit her contents as it has a wide concern in humans internal feelings and struggles. The artist said to My Modern Met that, Humans are full of contrasts and contradictions, they want to do good and instead they do evil. was thinking about human nature, about sin and the will of evil which are inscribed in our being, like written inside us. And then I connected it with the Bosch’s triptych, which speaks of human nature. I love this painting, it is so strange, weird and beautiful at the same time.”.

The oil painting is a great creation done by the artist Bosch and it depicts the fall of man varying with the fragile beauty of the young woman shown. It’s a reverting style into metaphorical arts in synchronic fine art. you can see there’s an aesthetic trace seen in the sheet though treading toward hyperrealism. She just tries to attain the flawlessness of Old Masters by even persisting the old proficient custom into this decade by compounding the old and newest.

She may get some gratification by compounding modern and past components in her creations. “I treat each element like any other item, but on the other hand, the historical elements bring a story and an emotional load with them. At the same time, by including them in my paintings, I give them a new context, meaning, and a new life. Maybe it is also a kind of a tribute to the Old Masters?”.

The Agnieszka Nienartowicz’s Garden of Earthly Delights depict a girl bedecked with a tattoo which was spurred by Hieronymus Bosch’s iconic 15th-century painting.




“I love the art of past centuries, the Old Masters, their great thoughts and workshop skills. Often, I am just crushed by their genius.” .


Agnieszka Nienartowicz: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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