She Moves An Entire Beehive With Her Bare Hands. The Fascinating Video Of The Woman Whispering In Bees’ Ears

There are people who have a very special relationship with the animals, to the point they manage to show a connection unique and “unusual” even with the most unexpected creatures. It is precisely these women and men who become the actors of memorable episodes that most people would not have the courage to live.

The woman we’re going to tell you about is one of them. Some have called her “bee whisperer”, “the woman who whispers in bees’ ears”. The reason? Erika Thompson, thanks to her unique connection to the yellow and black insects, has managed to move hundreds and hundreds of them with her bare hands without them attacking her.


image credit: Texas Beeworks/Youtube

It all started when a homeowner decided to call a pest control company because he noticed bees had built a large beehive under the floor of a cabin. A decision that certainly would not have been a good one for the insects, which, as we all know by now, are increasingly threatened and deserve their attention.


image credit: Texas Beeworks/Youtube

The tenants of the property, therefore, objected to the pest control, and luckily they contacted Erika. This woman, who runs a beekeeping company in Texas (Texas Beeworks), has dedicated herself specifically to the preservation of bees, a goal she puts into practice day after day. Its connection with them is such that it offers services for moving beehives without the use of chemicals and without killing the insects that inhabit them.


image credit: Texas Beeworks/Youtube

If you think that such activity is difficult to do, watching the video will change your mind. Erika, as if it was something completely normal and natural, takes the bees with her bare hands and moves them from the huge hive below the ground to another specially created structure to keep them away. All without any protection. One by one, the bees began to follow each other until they arrived at their new home.


image credit: Texas Beeworks/Youtube

Capturing the alarm signals that the insects send to each other in case of threat and masking them with a 100% natural and non-harmful substance, this “whisperer” has managed to move them without killing a single one, preserving their health and at the same time succeeding in the task entrusted to him.


image credit: Texas Beeworks/Youtube

There is nothing really “magical” or supernatural about the method Thompson uses. This woman, on the contrary, has explained precisely how she succeeds in carrying out her missions, and we are sure that her advice will be useful to many people who decide to establish a relationship of peaceful coexistence with bees.


image credit: Texas Beeworks/Youtube

Of course: you have to admit that watching Erika in action can make a big impression, especially on those who don’t have a good relationship with insects. It is certain, however, that his approach is fundamental to learning not to destroy nature whenever it “interferes” with our activities.

Watch the video:

source used: Texas Beeworks

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