Facekini: The Face “Swimsuit” Worn By Chinese Women So As Not To Tan.

When summer arrives and people spend their days by the sea, there are those who stay in the sun for hours, tan and flaunt their tans with pride, and those who prefer to protect themselves and prevent their skin from becoming too dark.

If you think of sunscreens with very high protection factors, know that there is also a trend in China that goes far beyond simple cosmetic products. What is it about? A real swimsuit … for the face: it is called the facekini and it is a drastic way for women to protect their face from the “threat” of tanning.


image credit: South China Morning Post/Youtube

Snow-white skin is popular in China, while a dark complexion is often associated with an image of vulgarity. This is how the facekini was born, a real “mask” inelastic material (spandex) that many women use to cover their face when they are at the beach .


image credit: Francesco De Maria / Youtube

Vivid colors and patterns, affordable prices, and, of course, the ability not to tan are the ingredients of the success of this object, which became popular in China from the resort town of Qingdao in Shandong province. . This is where a woman came up with the idea for the facekini.


image credit: Francesco De Maria / Youtube

What better way to combine a seaside vacation with Asian traditions paired with snow-white skin? The answer lies in this unique accessory which, in a short time, has gained recognition around the world, attracting considerable attention.


With special holes for the eyes, mouth and nose, the facekini is a real shield against the sun’s rays , and is now an essential accessory for many people.


This mask is a real must-have for many women. It doesn’t matter if the heat and humidity are unbearable: the important thing is to protect yourself from the tan and the rays of the sun, whatever the cost.


image credit: TomoNews US/Youtube

The effect on Chinese beaches is rather extravagant, and it is sure that an accessory like this can raise a few eyebrows, especially among those who were born and raised far from the Asian country.


image credit: matteoternullo/Instagram

Would you be willing to wear it to avoid tanning?

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