“The Devil’s House”: The Black House That Scares The Whole Neighborhood.

Houses often have a power: that of reflecting the personality of the people who live in them. Each house has a particular style, furniture, color combinations that have been chosen by the owner for a specific reason. Victoria Cuje’s house certainly does not go unnoticed: it is completely black and has been defined by the neighborhood as “the house of the devil”. 


image credit: herblackhome/TikTok

Victoria is 28 years old, went to art school, and has since fallen in love with the color black: all her clothes are black. When she bought her first home in Baltimore, Maryland, she could only customize it with her favorite color. The three-story house, with exposed brick, was a “classic” house, furnished in a sober style. But Victoria has transformed her house into an all-black environment: the exterior is black and the interior has been personalized. The walls were painted in a dark color and matching accessories were chosen.


image credit: herblackhome/TikTok

But it didn’t stop there: Veronica, aware that the house would attract the attention of passersby, installed a camera in the doorbell and immortalized the funniest reactions. A passerby was filmed exclaiming “this is the devil’s house”. But Victoria likes to observe these reactions: it confirms to her that people are not used to finding a certain style. And when something deviates from what they know from experience, they designate someone or something as “strange.” In short, in the neighborhood, Veronica’s house is the center of gossip, but many other people like the alternative style of the house. 


image credit: herblackhome/TikTok

Veronica says:

I’ve always had a love for all things black. It started when I was in art school, I only wore that. Once I bought a house, I decided to keep it all black. It’s sleek, clean, modern and so stylish. When I bought the house, the brick was a normal red on the outside and a very light brown on the inside. It took about a year before we started the process.

The video of the house, posted on TikTok, quickly became popular and most users are in no doubt that although it is called “the house of the devil”, the building is magnificent.

source used: herblackhome / TikTok

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